We are a member of a gear research institution “Gear Lab” at Ohio State University.

Since 2012, we have been a consortium member of the gear laboratory “GEAR LAB” of The Ohio State University in the United States.

This time, we conducted an original verification of “Influence of Manufacturing Errors on Rattling of a Gear Pair,” which was one of the research themes at the GEAR LAB, considering the machining characteristics and research theme comprehensively.

We are focusing on gear research and knowledge acquisition by analyzing and verifying factors that may cause manufacturing errors in the gear manufacturing and factors that can cause manufacturing errors during assembly after delivery, etc., and by considering the environment surrounding gears.

The GEAR LAB holds consortium member meetings twice a year, where we can get a hint of new technology through research conducted at the cutting edge of the gear industry, check the latest information on gear design and development, and learn about the latest developments in the gear manufacturing industry. The GEAR LAB pursues reliable gear manufacturing by eliminating “waste, inconsistency, and unreasonableness”.

The analysis software “LDP” developed here continues to evolve the vast amount of data provided by member companies. This software enables analysis of gear load distribution and noise generation from gear specifications and operating conditions, and makes it possible to determine optimum specifications with a small number of prototypes.

We will continue to make these efforts in the future and strive to be of service to our customers as an enterprise that can be consulted for any problems they may have in the gear design and development.


GEAR LAB Website


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