August 1963 Kawasaki Aircraft Service & Sales Co., Ltd., was established by its founder, Syunzou Hayashi as a service and sales company for products manufactured by Kawasaki Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Chalked up a track record for our company’s products: aircraft material, 727 aircraft engine dolly, aircraft inductive dover, instant mixing equipment, light discharger, etc.

Took over manufacturing of industrial vehicle sector for KLSL series from motor sector.

Replenished sales supplies to expand our sales nationwide.

Year 1968 Designed and manufactured a running improvement system that is attached to the human body for the Mexico Olympic Committee.
August 1968 Changed the company name to Kawasaki Machine Industry Co., Ltd.

Responding to a request from Kawasaki Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd., took over the responsibility of accepting orders from other companies.

Started manufacturing and sales of precision gears and, for the first year and a half, received guidance on manufacturing technology, quality control, and other issues.

Year 1969 Designed and successfully manufactured a test stand for a high-pressure pump capable of withstanding pressure of 3200kg/㎠ and installed it at Kawasaki Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

(for a pressure of 2300kg/㎠ clear, the maximum pressure in Japan at that time)

February 1973 Received a request from the Kyoto Factory of Mitsubishi Motors Corp. to manufacture overtop gears following the development of 5-speed transmissions, and dispatched machines, equipment and engineers.
August 1973 Established Central Research Institute’s Manufacturing Technology Center.
Year 1975 Established a mass production system for crank and cam gears for low speed (40,000 to 60,000 horsepower) and medium speed (10,000 to 15, 000 horsepower) ship engines.
Year 1976 Designed and manufactured an orbit correction radar to launch N-II rocket and other gear equipment for the National Space Development Agency of Japan (NASDA).
Year 1977 To support the sale of 150Kw-17,000kw emergency gas turbine generators (manufactured by the Jet Engine Division of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.) in Kyoto, Shiga, Fukui and Toyama Prefectures when Fire Defense Law was revised in 1979, started strengthening business, planning, advertising, and market research.
February 1977 Manufactured the geostationary satellite (Himawari) tracking radar system, elevation drive system, and azimuth drive system (the biggest one in Japan at that time) for Okinawa Tracking & Control Center, NASDA.
July 1978 Developed the first domestic model of MAN V 52/55 A-type diesel engine with 15,000 horsepower for trial production. Manufactured crank cam shaft and drive gears.
June 1982 Manufactured more than one million 5-speed transmissions for Mitsubishi Motors Corp.
Year 1983 Manufactured energy-saving planetary gear transmissions
(for the Mechanical Engineering Laboratory, Ministry of International Trade and Industry).
March 1983 Established a factory specializing in turning special steel.
May 1983 Cleared AGMA 13 degree of precision for hypoid gear (AGMA 13 is the greatest degree of precision in the world).
Year 1986 Started manufacturing of aircraft’s engine gears.
December 1997 Received a request from customer, and established a specialized factory for automotive gears. Equipped production lines for various kinds, but small production type.
Year 1998 Started to manufacture gears for Lancer Evolution, a limited edition vehicle.
March 2004 Head office and Kisshoin factory acquired ISO9001:2000 certification.
February 2005 Started to manufacture gears for industrial robots.
May 2005 Head office and Kisshoin factory acquired ISO14001:2004 certification.
January 2006 Participated in sponsor meeting for Gear and Power Transmission Laboratory at Ohio State University for the first time.
March 2010 Renewed for ISO9001:2008
(certification acquired by Central Research Institute’s Manufacturing Technology Centre).
September 2011 Seiichiro Hayashi was inaugurated as new president.
Year 2012 Started development of production management software with exceptional price for small to medium sized enterprises incorporating with flexis, a Germany’s largest production management system company, ahead of the era which IoT attracts attention.
March 2012 Head office, Central Research Institute’s Manufacturing Technology Center, and Kisshoin factory acquired JIS Q9100 certification. Became a sponsor of Gear and Power Transmission Research Laboratory at Ohio State University.
June 2013 Participated in Paris Air Show 2013, the world largest air show, by an introduction of Mr. Michel Theoval (a great mentor of our president, Hayashi).
Year 2014 Developed tooth face crowning of internal gears, incorporating with a domestic machine tool maker.

Formed a business partnership with RUBICON GEAR in the United States.

May 2014 At the invitation of flexis, accomplished the first participation in Berlin Air Show at a German enterprise’s booth.
July 2014 Introduced a high-definition 3D printer, started client proposal for development support.
June 2015 Participated in Paris Air Show 2015 (Continuous exhibit from 2013).
June 2016 Kyoto Aerospace Industrial Network (KAIN) launched (9 companies at present).
March 2018 Renewed for JIS Q 9100:2016(ISO9001:2015) (The entire company is certified).
October 2020 Returned ISO 14001 to be shifted to KES.