Kyoto Prefectural Toba High School Carrier Guidance ~Message to Students~

Our president was requested by Kyoto South Rotary Club that has the third largest membership in Japan, to give a speech as a panelist for carrier guidance to first grade students in Kyoto Prefectural Toba High School under the title of 「The real nature of working in Corona era.」 Due to concerns over the spread of coronavirus, the opportunity of speaking in front of students was not realized, so we conveyed our president’s messages to students who leads the Japan’s future. (Excerpt)

Q1. Why did you start your current job? Do you have challenges for future?
A: I grew up watching my father’s back, the founder of Kawasaki Machine Industry, and I had a strong will to inherit the family business. I would like to pass a baton to next generation with high technology not to disturb space environment, aiming that man can live in space after 1,000years.

Q2. What do you work for? What is the real nature of working?
A: If you think about money all the time, it is not possible to make money. However, if you try to be useful for people, money will come to you for some reason. In another word, the real nature of working is to live for others.

Other question includes 「Human resources sought in corona (infection) era.」 

Hopefully our president’s word will reach, even just a little, to students soon to be succeed in society, and ease their expectation and anxiety, also hoping to serve as a useful reference for their course selection. We pray for success of students who have bright future.
And last but not least, I would like to express my appreciation to Kyoto South Rotary Club for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

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