Visit of Airbus Helicopters Japan Co., Ltd. Kobe Airport Facility

On October 24, 2018, Seiichiro Hayashi (President of Kawasaki Machine Industry Co., Ltd.), the regional ambassador of the French Chamber of Commerce in Japan (CCIFJ) and a prominent member of the Kyoto Aerospace Industrial Network (KAIN), guided KAIN (Representative, Yoshinori Yamamoto, also a president of Terauchi Manufacturing. Co., Ltd.) to the Kobe airport facility of Airbus Helicopters Japan Co., Ltd.(Managing Director, Olivier Tillier) for a facility tour and an exchange of opinions.

7 Companies that are related to the aircraft industry founded KAIN in June 2016. These companies representing Kyoto have gathered and formed a notable aerospace network to aim for the further development of the aviation industry in Japan.

CCIFJ realized this visit and it was a valuable opportunity to exchange various constructive opinions in the presence of a helicopter that is normally not allowed for access. In addition, this resulted in a start for job involvement regarding helicopter interior.

After the visit of Airbus Helicopters Japan at the Kobe airport facility, we wrapped up this fulfilling day by joining a memorial party in honor of the 100th anniversary of CCIFJ at Portopia Hotel Kobe. We celebrated this memorial day and built new relationships through an exchange meeting of various business industries.


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