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Company Philosophy

Following our company’s philosophy of “Be disciplined, be kind to others, and contribute to society,” we make the utmost efforts to meet customer needs by offering the highest quality products at the best prices, in a timely manner. Whether an order is for trial or mass production, we value our credibility and reputation for reliability among our customers.

Global Quality Standard

While steel for use in aeronautics is a special material that is difficult to process, requiring high quality and durability, our company’s hypoid gears were certified AGMA 13 in 1983, and we have continually enhanced our unique technology to maintain the finest precision in these products. Building upon years of experience and research in gear technology, we have always aimed for the state of the art -- and a flexible outlook supported by creativity and genuine skills gives new impetus to our technology.

Central Research Institute’s Manufacturing Technology Centre

Kisshoin Factory [JIS Q9100/REGISTERED]

Environmental Contributions

Since acquiring ISO14001:2004 certification in April, 2005, we have implemented numerous measures to make the most effective use of limited natural resources and to reduce environmental impact. In keeping with these efforts, we have adapted our manufacturing methods to reduce the use of oil in the gear-cutting process, reducing waste that would adversely affect the environment. This approach also leads to cost reductions that allow us to offer products at reasonable prices.

Head office・Kisshoin Factory [KES STEP2/REGISTERED]

Kawaki Office

Kawasaki Machine Industry can energetically respond to the changing needs of all customers.

Company Profile

“For a company that does not evolve, there is no tomorrow.”